The website fully complies with the need for Personal Data safety, as well as the safety of electronic transactions, and has taken all necessary measures to ensure maximum possible levels of security. All information related to the user personal details is safeguarded as confidential. By using the website and its services, you accept the terms under which it handles your personal data. Specifically: The Company undertakes to protect the personal data of website users, and to process their personal information transparently. "Personal data" means any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. "Personal information" means information about you, through which you have been identified or can be identified, and which includes, but not limited to, you name, your e-mail address, the IP address (only when collected together with directly identifiable data) or information you submitted during your communication with us. The personal data we collect and process depend on the purpose of your visit and the services which you have agreed that we provide you with.


Data we may collect: Basic information (such as your name and surname), any information you provide through the voluntary submission of a communication form, which we need to receive provide you with a service. We use this information to respond to your requests. We never collect personal information through other means or by using a third-party representative.


The Company may keep a record of, and may process, visitor/user personal data, which it will come to possess through the Website. The collection and processing of personal data by the Company shall only be carried out following visitor/user consent, which a visitor/user shall grant voluntarily, for the purpose of providing access to the aforementioned applications or services, which will be available through the Website. By entering his or her personal data when registering to the Website, a visitor/user shall be deemed to grant consent to the collection, use and transfer of said data, according to the terms of this Policy. However, the visitor/user shall be further required to specifically and explicitly provide such consent, by accepting this Policy before completing the registration process. Specifically, the visitor/user shall agree and consent that the Company —according to the provisions of applicable legislation— shall keep a record of, and process, his or her personal data which shall be collected through the Website, for the purpose of providing the visitor/user with access to the online applications being provided, of providing customer service, of supporting and executing transactions between the visitor/user and the Company, as well as for statistical purposes, notification purposes and marketing of Company products and services, once explicit consent to that end has been granted by the visitor/user. It is clarified here that any processing of personal data by the Company is intended solely to ensure functionality of the respective service of the Website, and that this data may not be used by the Company or any third party without complying with the provisions of the applicable legislation regarding the protection of personal data from processing, as applicable. The Company acts in accordance with the applicable legislation and aims at optimally applying best practices to all manners relating to the Internet. Personal data collected by the Company via the Website shall be stored securely for as long as the visitor/user is registered to a service provided by the Company, or for the duration otherwise required based on the intended purpose, and shall be erased upon the conclusion of the transaction between the visitor/user and the Company by whatever means this occurs, or when the processing purposes mentioned herein cease to exist, taking into account any potential obligation of the Company pursuant to the applicable legislation. Besides the Company, such data can be handled by affiliated legal persons or collaborating companies which act to promote, support and service the transaction, for the exclusive purpose of providing online communications or, potentially, added value services requested by the user, provided this occurs under the conditions of applicable legislation. Unless explicitly mentioned in the Policy or required by law and/or the competent authorities (including, but not limited to, competent judiciary, law-enforcement or other administrative authorities, once they submit a lawful request), the Company shall not otherwise share, communicate, disclose, transfer, disseminate or make available through any other means any information provided by each visitor/user without the latter’s consent. Safeguarding the personal data of the Website’s visitors/users is of the utmost importance to us. The Company endeavors to ensure that it undertakes the appropriate technical and organizational measures, in order to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality and availability of visitor/user personal data against unauthorized access, use, sharing, tampering or destruction, in compliance with the applicable personal data protection legislation. However, despite the fact that me make every possible effort to protect visitor/user data, the Company cannot guarantee the security of the information provided to the Website, as this is the responsibility of each visitor/user.


A visitor/user reserves at all times the rights accorded to said visitor/user by the applicable legislation regarding personal data protection, under its terms and conditions, as follows: the right to be informed about the data we process, the right to access the date we maintain, the right to rectify them, the right to erase them, the right to restrict, or object to, the processing of their data, and the right to data portability, allowing the data to be transferred to another controller or processor. In the event that the Visitor/User objects to their data being processed by the Company or wishes to withdraw his or her consent (which has been previously given), the Company shall comply with the relevant guidelines based on its legal obligations, provided they are offered in writing. Note that an objection or a withdrawal of consent shall mean that the Company shall not be able to implement the purposes mentioned in this Policy. Withdrawal of consent applies only to future data processing and shall not affect the legality of processing which was based on said consent before it was withdrawn. The Company shall be permitted to process such data even after consent is withdrawn, only to the extent permitted by law, in order to fulfill its legal obligations and/or to protect its rights. In order to exercise his or her rights, each visitor/user may communicate with the Company and submit a written request to the following e-mail address []. Furthermore, where the visitor/used objects to the processing of his or her data by the Company, each visitor/user has the right to contact the competent regulatory authority, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, which examines written claims according to the guidelines provided on its website (